Do you pay for replacing implants during revision?

I am not certain I need a revision yet and I will ask my PS at next appointment but if I need a revision 6 months post op for 1 Implant that was too small (smaller than we agreed on) and I wanted to make both larger, in your office is this usually an additional charge or what is common procedure for only needing one side revision but wanting both?

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Implant exchange

Yes, customarily if a patient comes back and wants an exchange to a larger or smaller size, then they are charged for the new implants.

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Do you pay for replacing implants during revision?

The answer will vary form one surgeon's office to another. We always provide our patients with a multipage written review of our fees and financial policies before they schedule any surgery in order to prevent any misunderstandings. Your surgeon should have done the same so take a look at all that paperwork you were provided with. If that isn't available then it would be best to set up an appointment to go over what your financial responsibilities are in the event a revision is needed. All good surgeons will make it clear to their patients that as much as we wish it weren't so, surgical results cannot be guaranteed because of all the unknowns that may occur in your healing. When seeing your doctor be pleasant, businesslike and nonconfrontational and your surgeon should be the same. After all, our goal always is to have a happy patient. 

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Who Pays for Implants

Thanks for your question! This is a common question on RS, & has a variety of answers. 

Some plastic surgeons offices will discount cost on their surgical fees and even implant cost. Facility fees and anesthesia usually remain unchanged. Again, I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon. However, I doubt that you'll have to pay as much as you did the first time around. Best of luck to you!

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Revision costs

Unless there is a reason for the implant manufacturer to provide a substitute, that cost is borne by the patient, together with anesthesia and facility fees.  If a patient then wants additional work on the breast that did not have a problem, there would be a modest up charge.  Every plastic surgeon has his or her own policies governing finances. This may be  included in your preop documents.

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Charging for new implants during revision surgery

Hi  and thank you for the question. In my practice, if I feel as though I didn't make a good decision with regards to implants, I will typically do the revision procedure without charging for my time. However,  I typically pass the cost of the implants on to the patient. I think The best thing you can do is work this out with your plastic surgeon. Most offices have some sort of policy to address this type of situation. Good luck to you.

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Do you pay for replacing implants during revision?

 Policy regarding coverage of expenses for revisionary surgery will vary from office to office and probably on a case-by-case basis as well. Costs of revisionary surgery may range from zero, to anesthesia/surgery center fees, to discounted surgeon's fees.

 Generally speaking, patients undergoing elective surgery should understand that complications may arise and that additional expenses (even if the plastic surgeon does not charge for his/her services) may be patient responsibility.  

Best wishes; hopefully you and your plastic surgeon will be able to work out a plan to achieve your goals. 

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