Are patients intubated for an extended Macs lift?

I was intubated for an extended Macs lift. Is this usual? What determines the type of sedation used for this procedure? I also had neck lipo and upper and lower blepharoplasty, if this plays a factor in the determination.

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Anesthesia for MACS Lift

You can use both general or sedation anesthesia for the procedure you had. You do, however, need an anesthesiologist for either to assure maximum safety. The cost of either is the same. Doing the procedure under general anesthesia with intubation is both quicker and safer (in spite of what you may have read from those surgeons who cannot get an anesthesiologist because they work in a facility that is not accredited for anesthesia and your safety). I, therefore, do all my MACS Lifts under general endotracheal anesthesia. (See

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