Options for small teeth, spacing, and large gums? (photos)

I have always had small teeth and large gums. I also have spacing and teeth don't line up (you'll see in pictures) I've always been so embarrassed by my teeth. I know I may need a combination of a a lot of things but I'm 22 and Im trying to find the most cost efficient and effective treatment for my teeth. What are my options here? Pictures included.

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Small Teeth and showing gums

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Your spacing and short teeth can be helped by orthodontics!  Get a consultation to discuss your concerns.  
After orthodontics, you may be a candidate for removing the extra gum tissue you may still have.  When this is done, the full height of your teeth will be visible and you may be amazed at how much of your beautiful teeth are under your gums!

Gummy Smile

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Your gummy smile is the result of "incomplete eruption" of your teeth; this is also why the appear to be short. You also appear to have a posterior crossbite (further evidence of incomplete dental eruption and underdeveloped dental arches). You would first want to consider upper dental arch development. This is done using a simple removable appliance that  is adjusted every few days. 
Once your dental arch is sufficiently developed, then you can straighten the teeth and close gaps. You may or may not require a gum and bone procedure to lengthen the teeth following orthodontic treatment.
Good luck!

Multi-specialty treatment plan

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Hi amberlynn15!
Thanks for your question and pictures. I definitely see what you're talking about. Ideally, teeth are longer than wide, but your gums encroach on the height of that beautiful enamel. And even though your teeth my be overall slightly narrow, I think once you close all the spaces it won't be very noticeable. Also, you're very young and any veneers or crowns you get right now will likely have to be replaced at least twice more in your life.
So, what do I recommend? Orthodontics + esthetic crown lengthening by a periodontist. The orthodontist will align the teeth and close all the gaps. The periodontist will perform a simple procedure that increases how much teeth you show and reduce how the gums encroach on your teeth. Overall, this treatment is very cost effective and quite permanent meaning you won't have to redo it later in life.
Please contact your preferred orthodontic specialist about how s/he can help you achieve that winning smile you've been thinking about!

Lyle M. Schofield, DDS, MS
Irving Orthodontist

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