My mother has RA in her 40's, I've got 1 vial of sculptra 5 months ago. Should I get surgery to remove sculptra now?

After reading so many posts here I just got to known that Sculptra could cause immune reaction or disorder to RA patients. But I was not asked whether my family member has RA before injection , and that doctor even didn't explain the mechanism of sculptra . I feel so terrified that I wonder if I could suddenly get immune reaction even years later. And , if in case I get RA years after sculptra , will i get server immune reaction ? Should I consider surgically remove sculptra seeds?

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Sculptra has been used for years with a very safe patient profile.  After two or more years the Sculptra will gradually dissolve.  I would not recommend a disfiguring surgery.  Best, Dr. Green

Sculptra Safety

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I dont think you should have surgery. Sculptrais deposited deeply so any surgery would be very disfiguring . Know that it does go away in time and the odds are in your favor that you will not have a problem. I have used alot of Sculptra and this is one of my favorite fillers because it is so safe. I use it in HIV pts and they dont have problems!!!

Be well,
Dr Johnson

Beverly Johnson, MD
Silver Spring Dermatologic Surgeon

Sculptra and Rheumatoid Arthritis

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There is perhaps a small increased risk of granuloma reactions in areas treated with Sculptra in patients with autoimmune disorders. The risk is very small and granulomas are treatable so don't worry about removing anything. Sculptra is broken down by the body and is gone in 3 years anyway.

Peter T. Truong, MD
Fresno Oculoplastic Surgeon
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