Is 5 months acceptable to get a plan for Invisalign after impressions are made? Can I get my deposit back if no trays are made?

In February of this 2016 I went in to initiate the Invisalign process. I was told it would take about a month to get a plan back to look at it. 5 months passed by!! I finally received a call from my dentist stating to come in and look at Clincheck. I paid $1800.00 deposit and I'm furious and have no confidence in this process regarding my case. I feel like this was unacceptable and that I should get a refund. The trays were not made and I did not approve the Clincheck plan.

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This does seem a bit long for the process to take. I would discuss your concerns with your doctor. If the trays have not been fabricated yet, the doctor should not have had to pay the lab fee towards Invisalign and should be able to give you some money back.  It wouldn't be unreasonable for the doctor to keep a portion of the deposit as compensation for the work he/she did in planning the treatment. Again, be up front with the doctor and express your concerns.

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7-10 days

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I'm not sure what the reason is in this case, but it takes 7-10 days from the impression date to getting the Clincheck back.

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