How long do the results last? My provider says two years, yet on this site it talks about another treatment in 8 months?

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Thermage and Results

Thermage is an excellent procedure for skin tightening and producing new collagen.  Typically patients do Thermage every two years.  In Europe, patients often do Thermage on an annual basis.  If you do Thermage once a year you will produce even more collagen and tighten your skin in an annual basis, and your results will be even better.

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How long do the results of Thermage last

Once a The,rage procedure is performed there can be progressive skin tighteng for approximately 6 months and oat people maintain some improvement for about a year.
Thermage can be repeated as early as 6 months but more commonly the earliest time to repeat is approximately a year .

Michael H. Wojtanowski, MD
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Results of Thermage

There is variability with how long results will last but we usually find the results will last around 1-2 years. There is nothing wrong with repeating treatment sooner then the 1-2 year mark to try and maintain or improve results.

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Thermage and Sculptra

Thank you for your question and for reading about these treatments on this website.

I recommend maintenance treatments following Thermage as you 'will age out of the procedure' as well as it losing effectiveness. I also recommend overlap use of Sculptra in the treatment algorhythm to maintain a net positive collagen synthesis state that maintains the youthfullness of your skin.

Dr. Karamanoukian

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Each Patient Is Different

Hi, and thanks for your question. You're right that the available information on the longevity of Thermage results can be confusing. Because each patient responds to the treatment differently, it's hard to make a precise prediction that applies to everyone. Therefore, different providers may have different answers. In my experience, results can gradually improve for up to a year after treatment, and these improvements can be maintained for an additional year. Patients that choose to maintain their results of improved texture, tone, and tightening with additional treatments typically come back after about 18 months. However, the longevity of the results really does depend on the condition of your skin and where on your body you had the treatment. Your provider was probably speaking based on the results he or she has personally seen.

Jody Comstock, MD
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Thermage results - turning back the clock

It is true that Thermage results can last two years.  However, that doesn't mean that results last fully for two years and then disappear.  Normal aging takes over so think of Thermage as turning the clock back to a more youthful state.  Patients with significant laxity (sagging) can repeat the treatment at a year for additional improvement.  But for patients using the procedure as more of a maintenance of skin tone, another treatment at 2 to 5 years may make more sense.  In the meantime, ask your cosmetic dermatologist for a good skin care regimen (which may include retinoids, aha's/pha's, peptides, antioxidants, growth factors and of course sun protection) to continue to maintain and improve your skin.  

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Results from Thermage

We tell our Thermage patients that optimal results from one Thermage treatment will take about 6 months.  After that the results should last a year to 18 months on average.  We also tell our patients to use prescription Retin-A to keep collagen building in their skin.  Also most importantly we tell them to use their sunscreen every single day.  The sun is the main culprit in breaking down collagen so sunscreen will help to protect and prolong your Thermage results.  

Lee B. Daniel, MD
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Thermage Should Be Maintained -- Try Adding Sculptra and Venus Legacy

I combine all my Thermage treatments with pre or post treatment Sculptra and have people do venus treatments to maintain.  I tell people Thermage is a 1-2 year treatment.  results continue to improve over 6-12 months and they are improved with combination treatments.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Thermage Improvement & Maint

Thermage will continue to improve for 6 months and then usually will level off, It can be then repeated if needed, or more superficial RF procedures like Apollo Tri-Pollars can be used to help maintain the results at a much lower cost. However, some individuals may need to repeat their Thermage procedures yearly depending on how your body responds, and many other factors. 

Ruth L. Hillelson, MD, FACS
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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