Low lid fat surgery. Left eye. Corner lid doesn't match up.

Doc made incisions in my corner lids for lower lid fat surgery. I could see right after surgery my corner lid did not match up. There was lots of glue material holding it together. Very red and swollen. 12 days later, the glue is dissolved, the lower lid is pulling away. It was never sewn back together correctly. I'm concerned , I don't want to let my original surgeon try to fix this. I want an eyelid specialist in the Dallas area.

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You sound like you are in trouble.

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A photograph is worth a thousand words.  Do a closeup on the eyes looking straight ahead.  This is such a small part of the face that it is unlikely that you will be recognized from the portion of the face.  Without that photo, it is impossible to know what is going on with your eyelid, other than you have some sort of eyelid malposition after surgery.  You are quite early from surgery.  Some of these resolve and some of them do not resolve and ultimately require revisional surgery.

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