What is Juvederm 4? I've Never Heard of This.

What is Juvederm 4? I saw a groupon for a family practitioner who is running a special on juve and botox. I called to find out which juve this is for. (Ultra or ultra plus) and the receptionist said its for the "4". Never heard of this. I've had Juvederm ultra plus, but what is this 4?!?

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What is Juvederm 4? I've Never Heard of This

This goes to show, do NOT purchase groupon deals for any medical procedures. Juvederm 4 is not FDA approved product and is sold cheap in other countries. Contact allergan, they can give you more information on the product and direct you to physician who carries Juvederm ultra and ultra plus.


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A Juvederm impostor

To date the only Juvederm products approved in the FDA are Juvederm XC Ultra and Juvederm XC Ultra Plus.

There is no "Juvederm 4". If you ever have suspicions about a product that's being advertised on groupon or any other site, you can always call the official company - in this case Allergan.

There is a product named Juvederm Voluma which is in final stages of the FDA process and is hoped to be released later this year. But it is not available yet.

Stick with a real deal dermatologist. Family practitioners can, in most states, inject fillers, but they aren't trained in medical school and have no dermatology or plastic surgery training.

It's good you brought this up. It will likely save others from risking their face to impostor products.


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Juvederm 4

Juverderm 4 is not a US FDA approved product. It is likely that this product has been imported from outside the US. The only 2 US FDA products are Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus. If you are in Los Angeles come in for a consultation. Good luck

George T. Boris, MD, FRCS, FACS
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What is Juvederm 4?

Most likely, this is an imported product, which is highly illegal to do in the U.S. In other countries, Juvederm has different grades of product and they are labeled with numbers, rather than with Ultra or Ultra Plus like we have in the U.S. Basically, don't go. Groupons are terrible (and illegal in many states to do them with fillers or Botox), and frankly, a family practitioner hasn't gone through the extensive facial structure training that a board-certified derm, plastic, or oculoplastic has gone through to learn about fillers and Botox. You will get what you pay for this in this case - an illegal import, done by someone with less-than stellar ethics (clearly) and questionable training.

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Juvederm 4 is an imported product that is illegal to inject in the United States.  Please call your local FDA office and report them, you might be saving your life as well as, someone else!  In the USA, only Juvederm, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus and the same with XC (which means with lidocaine) are approved products.  It is your face, do not mess with Groupon when it comes to your health!  These people are desperate!!!  Hope I was clear!!!

John Frodel, MD
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