I am worried that I got dental implants without the jaw being properly prepped with a Bone Graft and Sinus Lifting?

I just got 3 dental implants in one visit inserted in my left upper jaw in Istanbul. I was told I needed a bone graft and sinus lifting. They took blood and used a procedure which is called PRP. They didn't take any bone from any site on my body. I get the feeling that they only used the plasma and did not do a bone graft or sinus lifting. Is it possible to use "artificial" bone and maybe the sinus lifting was done? Is there some technology where they don't need to get the bone from my body.

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Dental Implants

Sinus grafts or lifts can be performed with bone from your own body, donor bone, or in some cases only the PRP or PRGF. It would be best for you to contact your surgeon once again to ask for an explanation regarding his/her decision-making process in your case.

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Sinus Lifts don't always require your bone to make you new bone

Dana,    Nothing that you mention gives me any concern except for the fact that you went to Istanbul for dental care. I'm sure they have many talented surgeons, but I've also seen medical tourism go very badly, so be careful when allowing cost to determine where you go for treatment. Of course, cost is always a factor, but just be mindful of the risk involved.   As for you procedure, taking blood and using it's best components in modalities like PRP has been a common part of sinus grafting for many years now. It's very helpful and minimizes post operative pain and swelling and helps jump start the healing process. As for using your own bone, a sinus graft can be done with your own bone (autograft), donor bone (allograft), or bone from a different species (xenograft, usually cow bone). There are also grafts with things like Bone Morphogenic Protein and synthetics as well. Sinus lifts can be done with a blend of those, which is often the case where bone material is mixed with the PRP. You would likely never see the process of mixing the bone graft material with the PRP before it is placed in the sinus, so you probably have bone graft in your sinus and don't realize it. For a sinus lift to be successful, you must maintain space in the sinus, and using the PRP alone would not likely provide the space maintenance required.     To put you at ease, I've done sinus lifts using every variety I mentioned except totally synthetic and bone from the patient themselves. I routinely use PRP (actually PRF in my case but very similar), allograft (donor bone -- sterile bone particles in a jar), mixed with Bone Morphogenic Protein, and sometimes cow bone. See, no patient bone to be found. This is because you don't need it, and why put the patient through having a second surgical site such as your hip, corner of your jaw, or chin. There are indications where the patient's bone is needed, but sinus lifts don't demad it. 

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Bone graftin material

Grafting procedures place a framework of material in the areas of missing bone into which these cells can enter and start the rebuilding process. Over time your cells will remodel the graft material into your own functioning bone. This procedure can be made in 2 ways:1-  Autograft bone: Is material that is taken from another point in the patient's body and transplanted to the desired site.2- Allograft Bone: Is material that was taken from an organ donor and processed to ensure its safety and improve the handling characteristics. The advantages of allograft bone are that it is readily available and does not require a second surgical site. Allograft bone has been well documented in clinical trials and has an excellent safety record.
  • Readily available
  • No second surgical site
  • Clinically proven effectiveness
  • Great track record of safety
Dont be worried about it. Your dentist is doing a good job... 

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Dental Implants

Hi there, thank you for your question. I see you have a concern with the amount of bone that you may or may not have had with your dental implants. There are minimal requirements for bone for implants, and thanks to the technology we have today we can regrow bone in many ways. It is not necessary to retrieve bone from other body parts. Through the technology of biologic and bone mineral particles, bone can be grown rather easily. These are questions that you should ask your surgeon regarding what bone particles, he used and how he grew your bone. I'd like to reassure that if he was able to place the implant, you have had sufficient amount of bone and should be just fine.

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Implant worries

The biggest problem is that you chose to have dental work done in a foreign country with no recourse if there is a problem. I suggest getting a copy of all of your records including;  x-rays, surgical notes , any scans done, types of materials and implants used. Once you have this information you should try to find a reputable local dentist, periodontist or oral surgeon to evaluate your current condition. Or you could fly back to Istanbul for a consultation with the doctor who did the first phase of your procedure but as problems and maintenance needs arise it will be difficult to fly to a foreign country every time something comes up.

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