I want to remove my mole in my face, how much will it cost? Cost for treatment is specific to no:of moles?

i m indian, i already once removed mole from dermatologist from my place before coming here to study , but mole has grown again. It is not cancerous i checked it, i want to remove mole from my place because i think it is spoiling my appearance. It has been 6 month since i remoed mole and it has grown to same size i have 3 to5 moles in my face. i wanted to remove it. Kindly suggest me rate, procedure. It is small sized mole

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Cosmetic Mole Removal -- SEE AN EXPERT Dermatologic Surgeon

Sometimes moles do grow back unless they were excised.  I suggest seeing an expert in dermatologic surgery.  Sometimes lasers can help over surgery. Unfortunately cost cannot be determined without an in person evaluation.  Best, Dr. Emer
Jason Emer, MD

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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