What would be the characteristics of mildly tuberous breast?

If I indeed do then it is very slight. What would be the characteristics of mildly tuberous breast? i want to get implants within the next few year and am only wanting to go from an A to full and natural looking B cup. If my breasts are slightly misshapen then what could I do to achieve the most normal and natural look possible?

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Characteristics of tuberous breasts?

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Tuberous breasts in the truest form usually have the following characteristics:  high riding inframammary fold, tight lower breast pole skin, and herniation of breast tissue into the areola.

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Treatment of tumorous breasts

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Often the areola is large and there is droopiness in the breasts with tightness in the lower part of the breast.

The biggest mistakes doctors make is putting in too large or wide an implant, or forgetting to address the areolar size with a lift.

It's very important that doctors analyze breast asymmetry and unique problems of the breast such as tight lower pole to achieve the best results.

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Tuberous Breast Augmentation

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Tuberous breast deformity involves a constricting ring that grows around the breast base. This ring stops the horizontal and/or vertical expansion of the breast, leading to constricted appearance with large areolas and irregular nipples. Surgery is necessary to release constricted tissue, and implants may be placed to enhance volume.

Tuberous Breast

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Thank you for your inquiry on tuberous breast.
Tuberous breasts are a variant of normal but often embarrassing because of its appearance.
  • The breast is tight at the bottom and the breast tends to droop, the areola around the nipple tends to be large.
  • Often the nipple bulges forward from the breast. Tuberous shape may occur on one breast or both, and ranges from mild or severe.
  • Correction of tuberous breasts includes release of the internal breast tightness, correction of the areola if needed, and a lift or implant, as needed – or both.
  • Exactly what is needed requires a full face-to-face evaluation.
  • Most women are very pleased with the result – there is no way to correct this without surgery. 
I hope this helps.
Best Wishes.

Tuberous breast

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With tuberous breast you typically can have a narrow base to your breast with short distance from your nipple to the skin crease under your breast. You can have the appearance of breast tissue pushing out under your nipple/areola making your nipple and areola look larger than they should relative to your breast. 

Depending on your exact findings...you may need nothing done...or you may need a mastopexy with additional breast work. If you truly have mild tuberous breast...then you may not need anything but an augmentation. I recommend visiting a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.


Tuberous Breasts

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Tuberous breasts usually have a larger areola that appears distended with underlying breast tissue. There is a very short distance from the bottom of the areola to the crease which is in an elevated position. The base of the breast is also very narrow. For all of these reasons, smaller implants with narrow base widths and some lowering of the fold is usually necessary. I commonly will add a periareolar lift to flatten this pointed shaped breast and move the nipple upward away from the fold. 

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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