I have a large blister under breast, should I be concerned? I'm very worried (Photos)

I'm 5 days post op and have a large fluid filled blister under my left breast and a small blister under my right. I'm very scared and feeling panicked. According to my photos, am I healing right??

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Blisters after reduction

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Overall your breasts look good, so I wouldn't panic. That being said, those blisters could pop and put you at higher risk for a wound healing issue, so I wouldn't just ignore things either.  The best option is to call your plastic surgeon and have them take a look at you in person (hopefully before the weekend) to make sure you don't need to change how you are doing your dressing changes / wound care, and to make sure there aren't any infection or blood supply issues.  In general, plastic surgeons want to hear from their patients if they have concerns, so don't worry about calling and seeing your surgeon!  An office visit will probably reduce your anxiety as well.  Good luck!

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