I had Fraxel Tuesday on my face, neck and chest. They used lidocaine on my face only. Will I heal properly if I had an allergy?

Only my face had a severe reaction and is swollen lik a China doll. Benedryl did provide some relief. It is day 4 and still swollen/red. Will my skin heal properly if I did experience an allergy to lidocaine? I have used a co2 laser in the past and loved the out come. I will not use fraxel again. I had beautiful skin prior and will be grateful if there is no permanent damage.

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Allergy to lidocaine

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Major bummer! Very few patients are actually allergic to lidocaine topicals but it does happen every once in awhile. It will not affect the results of your treatment, but if you are still this red and swollen after 4 days I would recommend either an RX for steroids and/or a shot of Kenalog.

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Allergies to anesthesia

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I am sorry that you had an allergy to the anesthesia but this is not associated with the results from Fraxel.  If you are still very red and swollen perhaps you should return to your treating physician for examination.  Sometimes oral steroids are used to help such swelling.  You should still have good results from the Fraxel but you should know that in the future you are allergic to lidocaine and let your doctors know before any other procedure.  

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