I had a arm lift on 5/12/17 and my left arm is swelling. Is there anything you recommend I put on it or I should take? (photos)

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Swelling after Arm Lift

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There are multiple techniques for doing an arm lift and some produce more swelling than others. Although techniques that place the scar running down the arm are more effective in correcting the excess loose skin of the arm, they generally produce more swelling than if the scar was limited to the axilla(armpit). A good compression garment that extends beyond the end of the scar will help whenever there is swelling. I don't think its unusual or worrisome to have some swelling at 2 weeks after surgery. This should resolve over the next 2-4 weeks. Be patient and good luck!

Brachioplasty and Swelling

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Swelling following brachioplasty is expected and is generally at its peak around the 3rd post-operative day.  At times one side can swell more than the other side, but you should have your surgeon examine you to be sure that restriction of normal blood and lymphatic flow out of your arm is not the problem.  Swelling is almost always a temporary situation that improves with time.  Elevation of your hands and arms can help the swelling.

Left arm swelling after arm lift

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one week after an arm lift swelling is very common but if one side is swollen and the other is not I'd advise an ultrasound exam of the left arm to check the patience of the veins. It's probably all normal but that is the safest thing to do

Other than that, look back at preop photos to see if the left side was larger right along. Most people aren't symmetrical. Check to see if the left hand is more swollen than the right. That would strengthen my interest in ordering an ultrasound. Most importantly, check back with your surgeon frequently. They know you health history and the details of the surgery and I'm sure they are taking great care of you!

Barry Stuart Handler, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Arm lift brachioplasty swelling

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Hello, thank you for the question and sorry to hear that you are concerned.

From your photos, it looks like your arm is distended and increased in size, it does not look like your forearm is swollen too and I cannot see your hand in the photo.

If this is something new that you did not experience in the first 5 days, it might represent a recent bleeding, therefore I would recommend to elevate your arm and contact your surgeon for an urgent consultation. Monitor the feeling and swelling in your hand and if there is altered sensation or excessive swelling, see a doctor immediately, if the our surgeon is not available you might need to go to an an emergency  department. 

If this is the persistent swelling you experienced from immediately after surgery, I would still suggest to elevate your arm and try to rest and definitely make sure you have an appointment at one week after surgery.

I had a arm lift on 5/12/17 and my left arm is swelling. Is there anything you recommend I put on it or I should take? (photos)

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Although swelling can be persistent, be sure to check in with your surgeon so that your progress can be tracked and you can be assessed.

Best of Luck,

Dr. K.

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