Hypersensitive nipple(only one) after 2 week post op breast augmentation (photo)

Hey Docs! Soooo 1 boob after surgery became numb. No nipple sensation whatsoever. Also the whole boob up to my armpit was numb. So my plastic surgeon told me that was normal&told me sensation will come back w/in weeks to months or not at all. I understood completely. He's an awesome doctor! :) Anywho I've noticed my numb boob/nipple has become overly sensitive to the point it hurts EXTREMELY bad like I'm missing a layer of skin. ok that may be a bit exaggerated BUT it feels uncomfortable & hurts

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What you have described is not particularly unusual and I would agree with your doctor's comments.  It is impossible to predict the degree of recovery of sensation but the hypersensitivity is probably a good sign that much, if not all, of your sensation will return.

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Hypersensitive nipple

Its not unusual to have hypersensitivity of one nipple or even both.  The fact is, not one of your tissues involved with the surgery liked what was done.  In the case of nerves they get on stretch which can result in numbness which progresses to hypersensitivity as the nerve recovers.  Sharp shooting electrical discomfort is very common.  These typically resolves.  The hypersensitivity can be helped by applying a topical numbing cream like OraGel until the sensitivity resolves.

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Hypersensitive nipple (only one) after 2 week post op breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. In some cases patients become hypersensitive, you can do desensitization techniques to help resolve your issue. Try applying different textures to the hypersensitive area ie.) rubbing a wash cloth over the area. 
Hope this helps!

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Nipple sensation after breast augmentation

Changes to nipple sensation are completely normal after breast argumentation, It is also normal for the sensation to be different between the breasts.  The most common thing is decreased sensation. About 5% of patients experience hypersensitivity as you describe.  The good news is that these changes are almost always temporary. It can take many months or even a year or more to return to normal however.    Try to be patient. Your breasts look great and you should have a great result!  Best wishes to you!

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Post Op Sensation Changes

Thank you for your question. This is true- temporary numbness or, temporary hyper sensitivity can be a normal part of healing. This will typically not last more than a month and is commonly asymmetric. Numbness usually resolves by 6 months post op. I recommend that you follow up with your Plastic Surgeon is you have any ongoing concerns.
All the best

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Hypersensitive nipples after breast augmentation

I agree with your plastic surgeon. It is not uncommon for the nerve to the nipple to be temporarily stretched after breast augmentation. This can cause a temporary, annoying increase in sensation that usually lasts for about 6 weeks. If the sensation gradually improves over this period of time, it usually continues back to normal. While you are waiting for normal sensation to return, you could try some moisture on your nipple, cotton in the bra, and anti-inflammatories if needed. Hang in there. Hope this is reassuring. For more information on this and similar topics, I recommend a plastic surgery Q&A book like "The Scoop On Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths."

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This is very normal. Numbness and hypersensitivity are common in some patients. Your overly sensitive nipple is due to hypersensitivity in that breast, it will get better- it can just take time. The best thing you can do it help desensitize that nerve by massaging your nipple 6-7 times per day to help your brain tell your nerves on that breast to calm down. Good luck!

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