Should I have gone with high profile instead? (photos)

37yrs. 115lbs 32AA-Sientra Mod+ 410R 380L -Pre kids was a C while nursing a D. (Nursed 4 kiddos) 12days PO and do not feel like I have much projection. PS told me I would end up w/nice upper pole fullness. Left seems settled into pocket. (If possible?) Right one still a little high due to that being larger implant. Would a high profile implant suited me better? Didn't want to just replace what I lost due to breast feeding. Should I have received a larger implant or different profile?

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High profile implants for more upper pole fullness?

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First of all, your results look pretty good thus far, and can be expected to change over time, especially as you have smooth round implants. But I'm confused by your question--I'm not sure if you like your size and want them to "stick out" more (increased projection), or if you wanted bigger than "replacing what [you] lost due to breast feeding." Here's why it is important for you to decide which of those two options is more correct.

If your present size is OK and you simply want more projection, high profile implants will have a smaller diameter for the same (or similar) volume, and since you have round implants, this decreased diameter is also a SHORTER vertical diameter, meaning you would have LESS upper pole fullness. SO, the widest implants that "fit" your breast base diameters will give you the most upper pole fullness. I don't think you really want wider cleavage and less upper pole fullness that HP implants in (about) the same size would give you!

What I feel you are really saying is that you are too small, and larger implants will have not only more volume, but also a larger diameter (and, even in the same profile, a bit more projection as well). Since you can barely see a 60cc difference, I would suggest that you seem to be asking for an increase of at least 100cc (or more) per side. If the Moderate profile implants (Sientra does not make a smooth moderate plus profile, only moderate and high, but it does make textured round low, moderate, and high profile implants--if your implant sizes are correct, 410 and 380cc are the moderate, smooth, round implants) you choose are the 470 and 510cc implants, they may be too wide for your present base diameter, and you may actually need the HP implants. These might be the 465 and 495cc implants, which have about the same diameters as your present smaller moderate profile implants. (495 and 545cc may actually be more to your liking.) Sizing would help, as would goal photographs.

This obviously takes additional discussion with your surgeon. You can look at the dimensions of your present implants, combine this data with your goals, and more easily decide which implants to now choose. You should wait at least 6 months from your initial surgery to proceed. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Profile and Sientra Breast Implants

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A lot of women get worried about the profile but in the end what matters is if your breasts look and feel good to you.  If you are happy with the size and shape then you have the right breast implant.  From your pictures, you look like you have a terrific result which will only look better in a few months.
I hope the helps.
Best regards.

Concerned re implant result

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I am sorry you are concerned.

Your result looks very nice. A high profile implant on you might not have looked natural.
I think you and your surgeon made good decisions.

Everyone worries after surgery - let yourself heal and wait for your final result. Best wishes.

High profile

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Looking at your before and after photos you have a very good result.  I normally recommend to wait at least 6 months before changing size.  In order to have a high profile implant you will have to go with a larger implant.  The procedure will much easier, if that is what you decide you want,  the second time and you will have minimal down time just switching the implants out. 

Kevin Rose, MD
Provo Plastic Surgeon

Choosing the appropriate profile Sientra implant

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Choosing the appropriate profile Sientra implant
I think you have a great early result from these photos..  you have a long torso and a high profile smaller based implant may not be as proportional..  

Should I have gone with high profile instead?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.  Although I understand your questions/concerns, based on your before and after pictures, I think that your plastic surgeon has it has done a very nice job for you. I would suggest that you continue to exercise patience;  evaluate the outcome of the procedure performed several months from now.  If, at that point, you remain concerned, revisionary breast surgery may be an option. Best wishes.

Sientra Silicone implants

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In my opinion, the chest width and desired volume are some of the more important measurements and decisions prior to surgery. A higher profile implant may have too narrow of a base and may not fill the lower pole of the breast well enough.

You just had surgery and in reality, you had two surgeries at the same time.  One surgery for the right breast and one surgery for the left breast.  That means that each side will behave and feel a little different.  One side may hurt more and one side may swell more. The final results are usually around 6 months after surgery.  But having said that, the photos already look good especially compared to the preop photos.  Make sure to check in with your board certified plastic surgeon.

Sientra Breast Implants

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I think you look really, really balanced, good!  The difference is just a few millimeters between the projection of a moderate and high.  There is no way you can tell a high profile implant from a moderate in photos.  So feel good.  I already know you are seeing a board certified plastic surgeon because Sientra only sells to BC plastic surgeons (by ABPS - The American Board of Plastic Surgery) who are members of ASAPS (The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and or a member of ASPS (The American Society of Plastic Surgeons). So that is great!  See the insightful answer below by Dr. Rotemberg.
 All the best, Dr. Joe

High profile implant better?

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HI, you look great on your post op photo with these implants. Very proportional and natural looking. Wait a little bit longer for the implant to settle and swelling to go down. High profile implants are very narrow and they would have not fill out your whole breast envelope, you would need a larger size and would not look natural. It depends what you want and what you have discussed with your surgeon. Give it some time for your mind to adjust to your new breast size.

Would have a high profile been better

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I think you look quite good for this far out from the surgery. I think that going to a higher profile implant would necessitate you to be also larger as the high profile implant of the same cc size would be narrower and not fit your breast width as well. If you went to a same base width in a high profile implant you would be large, closer to the size when you were pregnant, certainly would have more projection but also might look a little unnatural. So it is a personal decision depending on what you want to look like.

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