Can my gap get fixed? (Photo)

So ive been always self conscious about my gap . I have naturally straight teeth , but i do have a small to medium size gap in my 2 front teeth and a small over bite , I always try to talk to my dentist about it but they always say is cosmetic , and is not necessary.

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Closing the Gap

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The small gap between your teeth is a “cosmetic” issue.  It may not be necessary to close the space for any health related concerns but you are self-conscious of the space and it concerns you.  If your dentist is not willing to discuss treatment options for your dental and cosmetic concerns, get a second opinion.  Options may include full or limited orthodontic intervention or restorative dentistry in the form of bonding or veneers to close the space.  You can also have a consultation with an orthodontist to discuss treatment options. 

Based on the photos you provided, there appears to be spaces on both the upper and lower arches.  Orthodontic treatment may be required on both arches to correct the spacing on the upper.  The other factor to consider is maintaining the space closure.  Long term retention may be required with a lingual bonded retainer (fixed retainer behind your teeth) if orthodontic treatment is recommended.

I hope this information was helpful.

Dr. Cassalia

Doylestown Orthodontist


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Hi, castillo9951! 

Thanks for your pictures and question! I completely understand your concern about the front gap. Since it is fairly common, dentists have a name for that gap: it's called a diastema. This problem runs in my family so nearly everyone (dad, brothers, me) have had to deal with it at some point. My dad won't show his teeth in pictures because he's so self conscious about it! 

I think orthodontics (braces or Invisalign) are your best option because you don't want to make your teeth wider, but just close the gap. Orthodontics can help close those spaces comfortably, quickly and easily! 

Please contact your orthodontic specialist about a full exam, options to close the gap, length of treatment and cost. I'm sure you'll be happy with the result! 


Dr. Schofield

Lyle M. Schofield, DDS, MS
Irving Orthodontist

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