How do I find a doctor in my area for follow up visits after having tummy tuck done in Dominian Republic?

I had a tummy tuck done in the Dominican Republic January 28, 2014. I live in Dallas tx and looking for a doctor that will follow up with me. Could any one please help?

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Surgery done abroad

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You can attempt calling local plastic surgeons in your area and expect to pay for each visit. By having your surgery outside of the US, you may not easily find surgeons here who will have much interest in following up with another surgeon's work. You can also ask your primary care physician to refer you to a surgeon.

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Tummy tuck abroad

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You are experiencing the issues with traveling for surgery.  I have no doubt that you can get someone to see you in Dallas, but you should expect to pay that surgeon for his time. You clearly picked a surgeon on the Dominican Republic to save money, but did not plan for post op care. This is included in the cost of any surgical procedure.

I would suggest getting on the phone and call ing a number of surgeons in the area until someone agrees to see you.  Expect to pay a few hundred dollars per visit. If you need any care beyond the normal post op care, it will cost more. 

Medical tourism

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This question has been asked and answered many times on this site. I agree with the other comments. In the US your fee includes your care before, during and after your surgery. The surgery is cheaper because you have little or no pre and post surgical care. Once you pay for it you have shaved little or money. 

Recently a federal government agency sent notice to US plastic surgeons to be on the look out for unusually infections in patients operated in the Domenican republic. 

Follow up for surgery abroad

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Your only option at this time is to get on the phone and call every plastic surgeon in the area to see if someone will see you. You must understand that should you develop a problem or a complication for surgery that you had by another surgeon, it is very unlikely a local surgeon is going to want to take on that issue. Best of luck  in your search. 

Follow up after surgery abroad

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This is a frustrating question for most US plastic surgeons. One of the many problems with having surgery abroad is the inability to have proper follow up. The best follow up care is that which is performed by the operating surgeon. Often, patients that have surgery abroad end up with complications that are difficult to take care of. Choosing to have plastic surgery abroad (usually for financial reasons) is risky. And you have decided that taking that risk was worth doing. You always have the option of returning to your surgeon who should be taking the responsibility of seeing you completely through the recovery process. Your best option is just to call local plastic surgeons and see if anyone is willing to help you out. Expect to have to pay for the help though. You can't expect a local surgeon to do the work that you have paid an abroad surgeon to complete for free.  

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