I had facial fat grafting. Will all natural movement return? (Photo)

My mouth will not move, my smile looks awful! My cheeks look like a clowns. Biggest concern is my smile, will it look natural again? How long? I feel like a lot of the swelling is gone, but the movement is like a filler! There is NO movement of upper lip & cheeks when I smile! Can this be reversed??

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Recovery after facial fat grafting

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It can take weeks and sometimes months to fully recover from facial fat injections.  There is an initial period of swelling that subsides over the first 2-4 weeks and then there is a longer term recovery when you'll still have signs of mild swelling that may fluctuate.  Fat grafting reversal is possible (but not always advised) with microliposuction or off-label Kybella.

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Swelling after Facial fat grafting

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is normal to have some stiffness throughout the cheeks and lips after fat grafting to the face. It appears that you have had  your procedure recently being that there are still bruises evident. There is still considerable swelling present. As this continues to resolve normal facial movement should return. Be patient. If after a months time you are still having problems discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Best regards.

Sean R. Weiss, MD, FACS
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