What could make my face more feminine? (Photo)

I recently saw a side profile pic of myself and my face appeared a little masculine to me. I already get filler in my lips, but I can't quite figure out what else is bothering me about my face- Could it be my jawline? Chin? Nose?

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​What could make my face more feminine and how to treat this.

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What could make my face more feminine and how to treat this. Well I'm looking at your pictures and I think that you have really good Aesthetics. I think some of the things that you might be noticing is that your chin looks a little prominent and it looks a little bit more full in between your lips and Chin area that might give you that masculine look. You can do a chin reduction to feminize that part of your face and I couldn make a big impact on the rest your face is well. I think possibly you can also do slight changes to your nose to make it feminine as well probably more rotation is what I see

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I can't open your photos.  Can you upload them again?  A front view as well as a profile would be helpful. 

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Bryan Rolfes, MD
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