My right eye is sunken in. Is it possible to get it fixed? (photos)

As you can see my right eye is quite more sunken in and it has been like that since I was born. It just has gotten noticeably worse the older I have gotten. Is there any way to get this fixed and how much do you think sugery to fix this would cost?

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Eye asymmetry

Asymmetry is normal between the two sides of one's face. This is usually just due to natural bony asymmetry. If the change in your eyes has occurred suddenly, then best to consult with an plastic, oculoplastic or facial plastic surgeon. A CT scan may be required. However, if your concern is only cosmetic then it is unlikely that anything would be done to significantly change your asymmetry. Natural asymmetry is just that; best to leave it alone.

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My right eye is sunken in. Is it possible to get it fixed?

Best to see an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation. The cause of the sunken eye (enophthalmos) has to be determined first, then treatment. It may require right orbital implant placement. See following link.

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