Extra support after pocket revision? (Photos)

Had implant exchange (450 saline to 575 gel) 2 weeks ago. Wearing surgical bra now. I gotta tell you I've had a lot of anxiety around my new implants bottoming out. My surgeon told me my old pockets were extremely thin on the bottom. Which is why he doesn't want these implants to touch the bottom of the pocket for up to 3 months. He's hoping I'll develop thick scar tissue on the bottom (inside) to hold the implant up better. Never heard this before. Anyone else ever hear of that?

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Bottoming out

If he did some kind of suture repair to the bottom of the capsules and wants to give the repair time to heal, then the post op protocol makes good sense. If the bottom of your capsules were thin and they were not operated on, it wouldn't matter what you do postoperatively. Hope that helps and good luck! 

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