My endodontists suggested that I never again eat seeds, nuts or hard chips due to my implant. Is this necessary?

I had a dentail implant about 4 months ago. When I went in for what I thought was my last follow up appointment, they found what looked like a seed on the thread of the implant. I just finished an exploratory procedure to remove the seed and reapply the bone graft last week. Now, she said I can never have seeds, nuts or hard chips again, in my life. Seeds and nuts are a part of a healthy diet and this seems a little absurd to me. I would love thoughts from other dental professionals. Thank you!

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Dental Implant Diet

I completely understand your frustration in having elements of what you feel is a healthy diet removed from your lifestyle. Although dental implants are not specifically restricted to seeds, I can see how it could have caused an inflammatory problem. There are occasions when even the gumline around natural teeth can also react to certain elements of food that can act as foreign bodies. Because every case is different, you should really consider what your dentist is telling you and be cautious when attempting to eat these types of foods, if at all. 

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