Early capsular contracture? (Photo)

I'm almost 7 weeks post op; I've already submitted a question and confirmed that I may have a case of animation deformity in my right breast. Now my concern is could this be early capsular contracture in the right breast as well? 260cc silicone , placed under muscle. The bottom of the right implant looks flat and straight-lined, almost angled to 45degrees. The crease/fold is also higher than the left breast. The left appears full & soft with conpletely round crease.

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Early capsular contracture?

Thank you for your question and series of photographs. I can see your areas of concern.  It would be uncommon to have already developed a capsular contracture this early from surgery and I would recommend allowing your results time to mature - often 6 months or more.  As far as your breast crease, if your surgeon did not alter it during surgery this is your body's natural asymmetry and will not change with your implants.  As far as the 45 degree crease this too may resolve as your breast tissue stretches to accommodate the volume of your implants, but occasionally requires surgery to release additional pectoralis chest muscle.  Hope this helps.  

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Capsular contracture?

It appears your breasts are different and you may have an early capsular contracture and I would recommend you start Singular for 4-6 months and reevaluate then.  The breasts may change over the first 4-6 months and at this time your surgeon will be able to tell if you truly have a capsule.

John D. Smoot, MD
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Early Contrature

Unfortunately, an examination would be necessary to make a diagnosis. It is possible however, that you have the capsular contracture, even at this early stage. Alternatively, you may just have an incompletely divided pectorals muscle off of its rib insertions; this would give you both animation deformity and superior malposition. Please follow up with your surgeon.  If he does not satisfy your questions or concerns, seek out a second opinion.
Best of luck.

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Early capsular contracture?

Thank you for your question and photos.  It's still too early to make a final judgement on your results.  Consider waiting at least 3-6 months before considering revision and discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  With capsular contracture, the scar around the implant becomes overactive resulting in a tighter, firmer, high riding breast, sometimes associated with discomfort.  Options to correct this include excising the capsule, switching to a new implant pocket, switching implants, and using acellular dermal matrix.  With animation deformity, revision with further muscle release or placing the implant above the muscle are corrective options.  Again, consider waiting at least 3-6 months before considering revision surgery and discuss these concerns with your surgeon.  Good luck.

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