My last drain fell out when I was still draining about 38ml/day. Am I at higher risk for seroma? 17 days PO from TT and BL.

I had a tummy tuck with lipo of flanks and a breast lift (no implants) 17 days ago. All drains except one had been removed. My last drain lost suction yesterday and had to be pulled this morning. I was still draining about 38ml/day. Is this a fast track to a seroma? Is there anything I can do to help prevent one? How quickly do you need to aspirate the fluid if one occurs? For example if I notice it on a Saturday is it ok to wait until Monday to get it suctioned? Thanks.

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Drain Fell Out

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Thank you very much for your question.

With only 38 ml/day, you were probably close to having your drain out anyway.  Continue to wear your compression garment.  It is ok to wait a few days to have a fluid collection drained, if one does develop.  Best of luck!

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Drain fell out

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Thanks for your inquiry.  I recommend you call your plastic surgeon to discuss.  You were probably close to drain coming out, but you need to discuss compression and activity level with your surgeon.  Hope you dd not develop a seroma, good luck.

Tummy tuck and drain removal

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 You are very close to the point of getting the last drain out anyway.  However, waiting a couple of days to present to your doctor with any collection if you get one (seroma) is not of any issue.
 If you need an aspiration, that is easily done and even though it is annoying, it still gets you back on course to prevent collections.

My last drain fell out when I was still draining about 38ml/day. Am I at higher risk for seroma? 17 days PO from TT and BL.

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Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately it is impossible to know if you will develop a seroma as a result of the drain needing to be removed but close follow-up with your surgeon regarding any acute changes in the appearance or feeling of your abdomen would be advisable.  It is always best to avoid twisting activities that may cause shear forces and wear your compression garment to further minimize the risk of a discrete fluid collection buildup.  If a seroma does form it would be okay to wait a day or two for aspiration but the sooner the treatment the better. Hope this helps. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Tummy tuck drain fell out

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Thank you for your question. Your drain was near ready to be removed.  Be sure to wear your compression garment and that will minimize your risk of a fluid collection. If you do develop a seroma, typically it can be handled in the office. Be sure to visit with your plastic surgeon for an evaluation.  Good luck!… SHOW MORE

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