Looking for a doctor in Texas that still performs dermabrasion for acne scarring? (photos)

I've done so many laser treatments, including fully ablative, with little improvement. My scars, other than a couple of ice picks that I'm not really worried about, are not deep. It's the wavy uneven texture that bothers me. Lasers don't seem to work on my skin and in wanting to try dermabrasion but I'm having trouble finding a doctor that still performs this. Thanks!
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Thank you for your question. I suggest that you consult with a single or double board certified facial plastic surgeon. In your consultation, please be prepared to discuss your previous treatments and their level of effectiveness. It may be helpful for you to speak with your prior surgeon(s) in order to have the full detail on your medical treatment history.Best wishes,

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You are indeed a candidate for dermabrasion; however, we have a very strict protocol that we place patients through prior to dermabrasion to ensure optimal outcomes.  Dermabrasion patients tend to have slightly higher rates of hypopigmentation and tend to stay reddened for longer after dermabrasion procedures, as compared to fractionated CO2 lasers.

Jesse E. Smith, MD, FACS
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