Is it possible that distalization can move the 2nd molars to the 3rd molar position? I have already had my 3rds removed.

I have a Class 2 Division 2 Malocclusion.

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Distalization of molars

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Hi, MySmile4Life!
Thanks for your question! As long as there is alveolar (i.e., tooth) bone behind your second molars then distalization is possible. The maxillary tuberosity (upper jaw) and ramus body (lower jaw) are usually the limits of the alveolar bone and you wouldn't be able to move the teeth past that.
My only caveat with distalization is that patients with steep jaw angles (usually a longer face shape) aren't good candidates as it has the potential to increase the vertical height of the face. Additionally, if protrusion of teeth or lips are your primary concern (not crowding or alignment), then distalization alone (without extractions) might only give you limited improvement.
Ultimately, you should consult with your orthodontic specialist, explain your primary concerns on how you'd like to improve your smile and allow them to construct a wonderful treatment plan for your case.

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