Can diced scalp fascia be used as an injectable filler in Revision Rhinoplasty?

I am getting a revision rhinoplasty to correct some minor contour issues on my nasal bridge and tip. My surgeon is wanting to use diced scalp fascia in an injectable form to correct a .8mm indentation on my bridge and a small area on my tip to create more of an asthetic contour. Is this a safe effective method to use? Is the any chance for the fascia filler to obsorb and dissipate over time? Are their any risks with this particular method? I look forward to hearing from you all.

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Diced fascia injected as a filler for revision rhinoplasty

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Diced fascia injected as a filler for revision rhinoplasty is a nice option to correct small dents on the dorsum of the nose. An alternative is to try radiesse as a filler. This is a less expensive option and doesn't require surgery. 

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Fascia, properly prepared and placed, can be a good long lasting filler. Like most materials, the proper preparation, handling and placement are critical. All filler materials have a risk of infection/resorption, even if small.

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