I'm 2 Days Pre-op for my Granny Takeover. Very Anxious, Sleepless. Can Anxiety Cause Esophageal Ache and Slight Burning?

I'm 64 yrs old and scheduled for my granny takeover (TT and BR, both with lipo) in 2 days. Anxiety and sleeplessness (hard to fall asleep and I wake up between 3 and 5am) have been around ever since I booked my surgery date. Last several nights an ache and slight burn at base of throat wakes me. No heartburn acid-like burning, just an ache. 1 or 2 Tums doesn't work but one Naproxen does. I ate turkey spaghetti last night at 7. Is this an anxiety symptom? Should I ask for Valium now, Pre-op?!

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Discomfort before surgery

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It is possible that the burning sensation may be reflux however, to be safe, I would suggest you see your internist or PCP immediately for an evaluation.  I don't know your medical history or overall health status, so you want to make sure your discomfort is not cardiac in etiology.  Most likely you are experiencing reflux (heartburn).  But play it safe. 

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