I'm 3 days post breast reduction. I can hear lots of fluids and air in the upper part of the breasts. Do I need drains? (Photo)

My Dr didn't put drains in and I was relieved. But now I hear lots of fluid and air swishing around in the upper parts of my breasts.I don't have any pain and the leaking has stopped for the most part.I notice it most when I've been lying down to an upright position.The area between my breasts and clavicles are super sore.I'm super scared that I will have to have them drained or have drains put in after the fact. Does the fluids/air usually absorb? How bad will it hurt with aspiration or drains?

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No drains with air and fluid after breast reduction

I do not routinely use drains after breast reduction. There is a trend away from using drains with BR.Air trapped in a wound after surgery usually absorbs away. It does not need to be drained.Fluid or seroma after surgery might need to be drained if very large or tense. However smaller amounts of fluid will be absorbed by the body.If you are worried you should return to your PS so it can be checked. The pictures do to look as if the skin is worryingly tight but one can not make a proper judgement from a  photograph.Best wishes

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