The corner of my crown changed color?

Within 30 minutes of getting a new crown, the upper corner of the porcelain near the gums turned gray. It's only visible in the sunlight or in normal room lighting. Under bright or fluorescent lights, it vanishes. Why did it do that? My dentist said he's never seen that happen before.

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Color Change With Crown

When this occurs it usually means that there was some leakage of blood under the crown when it was being bonded in.  Once it is under there it is impossible to get our without removing the crown.  

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Changing color

Usually when an all porcelain crown changes color at the gum line it means that the tissue was oozing blood. The blood seeped under the crown and caused a discoloration. The only way to solve this problem is to remove the crown and remake it. When it is bonded or cemented into place it is very important that there is no bleeding of the gums. Taking care of your gum tissue in the temporary will be very important in making sure that the tissue isn't irritated and bleeding at the time of insertion of the crown.

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