Coolsculpting destroys fat cells to be metabolized through normal processes; so you still have the fat in your system?

If that is the case, then aren't you simply redistributing the fat? Not only is there no weight loss but there is the potential for fat to grow elsewhere or maybe back to the same area. It helps you look different but not necessarily better? And how does metabolized fat distribute itself? In the same way that the original fat did? So while you have fewer fat cells there, they will now grow larger with the added fat to consume? I'm confused as to how this actually helps.

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Science behind coolsculpting

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Thank you for your question. Coolsculpting induces the natural cell death of the fat cells that are treated. These fat cells are eliminated from your body. They do not get redistributed to another area. 

Tucson Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question. The fat cells are permanently eliminated with Coolsculpting. They are excreted. 

Kathleen Morno, MD
Highland Park Physician
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Coolsculpting Kills the Fat

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Coolsculpting is a permanent treatment for a bulge of fat in a given area.  Once the fat cells are "frozen", you metabolize this fat and it gets excreted in the urine.  It is an entirely safe and effective and most popular treatment in my office.  Best, Dr. Green

What happens to fat cells after CoolSculpting?

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CoolSculpting targets and "kills" fat cells in a temperature-dependent fashion.  After the treatment, different cells in your body will essentially carry these destroyed fat cells from the treatment area, process them, and then transfer them for excretion from your body.

Jill C. Fichtel, MD
Columbus Dermatologic Surgeon
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The fat cells die and are excreted

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After Coolsculpting, the fat cells die.  Macrophages surround and envelope these cells and carry them to be excreted.  There is no free-floating fat in your system or blood stream.

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting kills the fat cells

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You are not redistributing the fat. It is permanently killed. If you gain weight, the fat that remains will enlarge, otherwise, it should stay away. The fat is metabolized, meaning it is degraded by the white blood cells, and the by products are excreted. Z Wave and CoolAdvantage give better and faster results.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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The Lowdown on Coolsculpting

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No, you're not redistributing the fat. Coolsculpting uses controlled cooling to destroy targeted fat cells completely. If you gain weight, the remaining fat cells will again increase in size. In order to shape the body, Coolscupting works best in combination with radiofrequency treatments such as Vanquish, Venus Legacy or Exilis with Z wave/X wave/Cellutone. However, VASER liposuction can do more to sculpt and contour the body and the results can be seen immediately. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Metabilizing fat after Coolsculpting

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Coolsculpting will permanently destroy fat. This destroyed tissue is then treated by the body like any injury. Damaged tissue is broken down by the body and either eliminated or re-metabolized and used as energy. This whole process uses energy from the body to eliminate the fat, so saying that the fat ends up somewhere else isn't necessarily true. Coolsculpting will "sculpt" the area that is the concern, and yes, if the person does not lose some weight, they will end up with more fat distributed throughout the body. However, the problem area that was treated will look better, and because the increase in fat in other places is distributed over the whole body, it is seldom noticed. What is noticed is the improvement in the treatment location. Coolsculpting has an extremely high patient satisfaction rate, so it's worth having a consultation with an experienced Coolsculpting provider. Good Luck.

Andrew Campbell, M.D.

Quintessa Aesthetic Centers

Andrew Campbell, MD
Milwaukee Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fat metabolism

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Fat cells grow and multiply usually until your adolescence.  Then the number of fat cells in your body or in a particular area stays constant.  Through the rest of your life, if you gain or lose weight, these individual cells get bigger and smaller.  CoolSculpting eliminates 25% of the cells in a particular area.  They are gone for good.  If you gain weight after the procedure, the remaining cells can increase in size, just like they would have done if you hadn't had the CoolSculpting.  But, because you have lost cells in a certain area, i.e. abdomen, you won't have as much increase here because you have decreased the number of cells by 25%.  Fat does not move throughout your body.  CoolSculpting helps because it targets your personal problem area that carries more fat cells than other areas of your body.  A complimentary consultation would answer all of your questions regarding your personal problem areas and help you to understand how this all works.

Stephanie Martin, MD
Atlanta Orthopaedic Surgeon
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