How much 'contouring' can be done to prepless veneers? (Photo)

I got my front four veneers put on today. To me they look like dentures, are too big compared to other teeth + too square. I do have an appointment to go in to try to make them smaller. However, I'm really nervous he won't be able to make much of a difference after reading more here. I've attached what I looked like before, after and also some celebs I wanted to look like. This investment is startingto stress me out. Any input is welcome. Wanting best and worst case scenarios.

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Prepless Veneers

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Unfortunately, the Chiclet look is very common with these kinds of veneers. Even if your dentist could reshape them, they would still look less than natural. Your best bet is to have your teeth prepared slightly in order for the veneers to provide the correct thickness of a particular tooth. One more thing- In all of your "wish' photos, their back teeth are more visible than yours. That could also be a consideration for you, to address your bicuspid teeth as well. ( the ones behind the canine teeth)  Though, that increases your investment.

Prep less veneers

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I agree that these veneers are over contoured and dont match the rest of your smile.  I also agree that minimal prepping with veneers is the way to go and you should replace these veneers and not re contour them. You need to communicate with your dentist and show him?her exactly what you want.  Good luck.  

Prepless veneers

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I agree with you that these veneers are over-contoured. One thing to be concerned about is grinding on the veneers to make them smaller will take off the surface glaze and thin the veneers. I agree with the previous dentist that a minimal prep veneer is going to be better for your situation. I also think they may be a little bright in color compared to your other teeth. getting the look you want will probably require remaking the veneers. I wish you the best. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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While prepless veneers are an option for some, they were not the best option in your case. Prepless veneers are appealing to many people because they require no tooth preparation, but because no preparation is required they tend to be too big and bulky. For the best esthetic results, I would recommend minimal prep porcelain veneers.  I hope this helps.  Click "save" under my name if you think you'll have more questions that you'd like me to answer.

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