What are the chances of my implant being infected? (Photo)

My surgery was done on June 3rd BL/BA. My right breast has had wound separation for the last 2 weeks and looks like a hole has formed. I clean the area twice a day and change the dressing. I see my ps monday but i am terrified that i have an infection now.

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What are the chances of my implant being infected?

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Thank you for your question and photographs and I am sorry to hear of your wound healing difficulties.  Though you appear to have some bruising and superficial incision separation there is no clear evidence of infection present on your picture.  Oftentimes with an infection in place your incisions will not heal with conservative measures, so all is likely well.  Be sure to voice your concerns to your surgeon during your follow up visit, they can best provide you with assurance.  

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Implant exposure?

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Hi moani

Sorry to see that you are having a wound healing problem.

It is impossible to tell at this point from your pic if you have more than a simple wound healing problem.  Your surgeon must take a very careful look to see what is going on.  It has been a wound problem for a long time and the incisions are not healing well.

Hopefully with TLC your surgeon can salvage the situation.  Either way, keep up with what you are doing, and be sure to follow the doctor's orders.  Unfortunately there is nothing more you can do.

If the worst should happen, once you are healed and healthy, another implant can be placed and you can have the breasts you dreamed of.  But I am still hopeful that won't happen.

Keep us apprised, I will keep my fingers crossed for you .



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Sorry to hear about your problem with surgery.  It is difficult to ascertain whether or not you have an infection based on your given information.  As long as your breast is not swollen, not red, and you are afebrile, it is unlikely that you have an infection.  You do appear to have a break down of your incision at the T.  This happens occasionally and usually heals with time as long as it is superficial.  It sounds like you are doing the right postoperative treatments.  Continue to follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon as he/she is the best person to help you get your breasts healed.

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What are the chances of my implant being infected?

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I'm sorry for your concern. Sometimes superficial wound will develop at the T after a mastopexy/augmentation. Just because there is a wound doesn't necessarily mean there is an implant infection. Typically the implant is covered by a thick layer of breast tissue and muscle. I would try to remain positive and make sure you have close follow up with your plastic surgeon so that he or she can monitor the wound and the implants closely. I hope this eases your mind for now.

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