Butt/breast enhancement cream

Is it safe to use butt/breast enhancement cream on the butt during pregnancy?

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Butt/breast enhancement cream

Because no one knows the exact ingredients in these "butt/breast enhancement creams", they should not be used during pregnancy. Furthermore, they are likey to be completely ineffective (especially long term) and hence a wast of money. Please read on...Like any booming fad or fashion, there are always scammers trying to get a peice of the pie. Buttock augmentation/enhancement has become another victim - companies and individuals promoting magical creams, potions, lotions and pills...NONE OF WHICH WORK. It is not yet possible to take a substance that only and exclusively make your derrière grow. Other than being genetically blessed in the buttock and/or consistent rigorous exercise, there is no "natural" way to grow the buttock other than surgery.

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