Breast to butt transfer? (Photo)

Hi. My breast size is a 34 H and wanted to know if it's possible to do a breast to butt tranfer as well as a breast lift? Reduce down to a D cup size

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Breast to butt

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Lipo can be done on the breasts to help with any trouble spots, but I would be hesitant to transfer any fat from the breast to the buttocks for fear of transferring any breast tissue down there. Most women desiring BBL will be just fine with the fat obtained via lipo from other areas. I wouldn't expect the breast fat to contribute that much anyways, so probably best to just avoid it. Breast lift/reduction can of course be done at the same time, but as I mentioned, grafting breast tissue to other areas is ill-advised as breast tissue needs annual surveillance via mammogram, has a risk of malignant changes, etc.

Breast to butt transfer?

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Technically yes, fat can be liposuction from anywhere not he body where there is excess fat and transferred to your buttocks. As far as the amount of fat that you could get through liposuction from the breasts will vary as some of us have a lot of fat while others have a lot of glandular breast tissue. Glandular breast tissue cannot really be liposuctioned. The majority of the volume removed from your breasts during a lift will be cut out, while a small portion of liposuction would be done for shaping. If you really want a nice result for a BBL, I would consider a traditional BBL at the time of your breast lift. 

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