Will my breasts go back to normal after explanting the implants?

I had silicone implants put in two years ago, biggest mistake of my life. 6 months post op I got capsular contracture so I replaced that one in hopes it wouldn't happen again. Well the same side is rising up again, so I am planning on removing them. My question is, will be breast look the same as before? I was a 32 B and am now a 32 D. I went very small, 190 CC and 205CC. I'm afraid of scaring and of sagging. Help!!

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Implant removal - will my breasts be the same as before

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Thank you for asking about your breast implant removal.

  • I am so sorry you have gone through so much with your breast implants.
  • Implants stretch our breasts so they do not return to the same shape as before.
  • You will certainly be flat chested again -
  • Ask your surgeon if you need a breast lift at the same time to tighten the skin to give your breasts the prettiest possible shape without implants.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes

Capsular contracture

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I am sorry to hear about your recurrent capsular contracture. If you are worried about skin quality post-op, make sure you have pursued all of your options to maintain the implants. Could they be moved below the muscle? Did you get textured implants? Ect. 

If you have decided to definitely remove them there are a lot of factors on your side: the implants are quite small and are young (likely with good elastic tissue in your skin). I would guess your post-op result will be close to your pre-op state. Of course, an in-person examination would be necessary to be sure. Best of luck!

Will my breasts go back to normal after explanting the implants?

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Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your implant-related issues.  Without an examination of your breast tissue or a full series of photographs it is difficult to tell you what your final appearance will be.  That said your implants are small which should not have stretched your skin out very much and you look to be young.  This should allow for good skin retraction and minimal skin excess or sagging.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Will my breasts go back to normal after explanting the implants?

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Thank you for your question.
It is difficult to predict how your breasts will settle after surgery. The fact that you did not have very large implants and you had them for a relatively short period of time means that you should have a decent result. It is important that you wear a good bra post surgery as recommended by your surgeon, make sure that you moisturise your breasts regularly and follow the post operative instructions given to you to ensure the best result.
Good luck

Chien C. Kat, FRCS
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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Will my breasts go back to normal after explanting the implants?

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Thank you for the question.

As you can imagine, it is not possible to give you precise advice without direct examination and a full communication of your goals.

Generally speaking what breasts look like after explantation depends on several factors such as: the quality of skin elasticity (the better the elasticity the better the skin will bounce back), the size of the implants used (the larger the implant the more trouble you may have with redundant skin), and the amount of breast tissue present at this time (which may have changed since the time of your breast augmentation).

Life experience since your breast augmentation procedure, such as pregnancy or weight gain weight loss, will potentially influence the factors discussed above. If you take these factors into consideration and apply them to your specific circumstances you may get a good idea of what to expect after the implants are removed. I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

Best wishes.


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There are several factors to consider.  You have small implants and that will work in your favor.  Also, only having the implants for 2 years is also a plus for you.  Wearing a good compression bra will help with healing.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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#Explant #BreastImplantRemoval - Will my breasts go back to normal?

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It's hard to say.

In general, factors that affect this include the size of the implants, how long they were in place, weight changes, additional procedures (such as capsulectomies), skin type, etc.  The more significant those issues, the less the likely the breasts will return to normal bu tit is, in any event, hard to predict.

They may not look exactly the way they did but you have a good chance of having them look pretty close to that.

You should of course be examined by a board-certified plastic surgeon and then have an assessment based on that.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler
Member of #RealSelf100

Explanting Implants

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Your question is difficult to answer without a proper face to face consultation or at least a bit more information. The longer implants have been in a breast the more likely the natural breast will not look like it did prior to the augmentation, even more so if the skin of the breast contained stretch marks. You stated your implants were small and (if I am not mistaken) have not been in for longer than a year. If and when you decide to remove them stay in a nice fitted sports bra for as long as you can to have the best chance for your breasts to return to their pre augmentation look.

Clayton L. Moliver, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
4.4 out of 5 stars 36 reviews

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