Blueish veins and redness - lift and augmentation. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm 13 days post op for a BL and AUG. Started out a C cup. 700 on right and 800 on left (silicone). I'm moving around a bit more. I cleaned house yesterday which may have been pushing it a bit physically at this stage. Pain is the same but noticed these weird vericose vein looking areas on my breast and some redness. What are they? I have a follow up with my PS on Saturday but I'm wondering if I should go in sooner or if I'm just overly concerned. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Veins after breast surgery

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Thanks for posting your question and photographs.  Firstly, I advise my patients to avoid vigorous physical activity and heavy lifting for six weeks after surgery.  House cleaning at this very early stage of your post operative recovery should be avoided.  Its likely the veins have appeared due to swelling and they should resolve with time but best to seek the advise of your surgeon.

Bluish veins

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Thanks for your inquiry and excellent pictures.  I do think these are do to the swelling you are experiencing and it should gt better with time.  Please ask your surgeon your concern and good luck.  

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