Is my BB supposed to be this small? I think my bb shrunk. I'm almost 10 weeks post op. (photos)

Should it get revised? I can't clean it with my finger, need a qtip to do so. It's cute this little, but I think it looks abnormal. I'll ask my ps when I see him in 3 weeks, but wanted to see if you all agreed with my thinking it's too small. Can a revision make it look horrible? My worry is that it'll turn out bad and I'll regret not leaving it alone. I'm also still wearing the abdominal binder... Could that be the reason it's shrinking?

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Belly button size

This is a question which comes up frequently following surgery; however, the question is usually phrased, "Is my belly button meant to be this big" and "when will the scar around my belly button be LESS noticeable" . The belly button is the most obvious portion of the abdominoplasty. Since an incision needs to be made at the flap when it is advanced down for closure, it can leave a noticeable scar. Plastic surgeons have debated for years about which incision to use in the flap and whether or not to tack the belly button down to the abdominal wall to achieve the "indented" appearance. Needless to say it is a complex part of the procedure and the results from this portion of the operation can be highly varied. Sometimes the belly button does need to be revised but more often than not it is to decrease the size of the belly button.

Bryn Mawr Plastic Surgeon
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Small belly button

Thank you for your question. Circular scars have a tendency to tighten and stricture. This is a known risk of the full tummy tuck and you should discuss your options with your plastic surgeon as their may be surgical revisions that can be done. Good luck to you!

Emily Hartmann, MD
Chico Plastic Surgeon
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Drainless tummy tuck

There are lots of ways described to design the belly button as part of the abdominoplasty procedure which usually indicates there is no perfect way to create a new belly button. A round scar around the belly button can sometimes shrink the overall size of the belly button. If you are very unhappy about the belly button you could consider further surgery however the results of this can be unpredictable and the belly button could shrink down again. It is unlikely that the compression garment is causing the belly button to be small. 

Dan Marsh, PhD, FRCS(Plast)
London Plastic Surgeon
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