Asymmetrical to start. Can it be fixed with time or pocket revision? (Photo)

70 days post op of 840cc saline moderate. My left breast was larger to begin with and has done fabulously. The right currently is held tighter and higher and has not fluffed at the bottom like the left. I have to numb/itchy feeling so I know skin is stretching on the outer right side of the right breast. Will is stretch enough to accommodate the implant or can a pocket revision release it to match the other or is the asymmetry too much of a difference??? Both are soft to the touch.

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Correcting Asymmetrical Breast Implants by Adjusting the Breast Pocket

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Creating a #Neopectoral #pocket is sometimes used as a technique to provide a stronger more secure placement for breast #implants. In this case, the implant is removed and the capsule is dissected from the muscle to create a new or “neo” pocket for the implant. However, any #asymmetries regarding the folds under the breasts may not be totally corrected. To better determine the technique and placement best for your revision, I suggest you see your  board-certified surgeon to discuss in more detail.

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Asymmetry after breast augmentation, when to revise?

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I will typically have my patients wait 4-6 months prior to performing a breast revision. This time will allow the implants to expand the lower pole (settle into place). If the right breast is still "tight", I would visit with your plastic surgeon to see if a revision of the pocket will improve the appearance. Good luck. 

Implant revision

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70 days is still a little early--I would normally recommend waiting 90 days for the majority of the swelling to go down.  The left does look a little larger and I would check with your PS as to the inflation put in both breasts since you chose saline.  Some stretching and relaxation of the skin will occur so waiting will let you determine whether a capsule correction or lift may help.  Again, check in with your PS to discuss the options available to you.  Best wishes!

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