Asymmetric eye; can it be ptosis? (Photo)

Hi. I'm 28 years old and I just noticed my eyes are different shapes one is round and one is a football shape one appears larger then the other, can it be ptosis ? Amblyopia ? I've looked at old photos and it has always been that way but it wasn't as noticeable as it is now. what type of Doctor should I see ?

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This is significant bilateral upper eyelid ptosis with compensatory brow lift.

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This is not related to amblyopia which is a condition where vision does not develop normal due to issues in early childhood unless you have a history of amblyopia.  A non seeing eye can make correcting upper eyelid ptosis a bit more complicated.  This is repaired with ptosis surgery.  I recommend you see several oculoplastic surgeons in your area.  The challenge here is that you need a functional surgery that must be aesthetic as well.  There are principally two types of ptosis surgery: anterior and posterior.  It is highly improbably that posterior ptosis surgery will be right for you even though most ptosis surgeons prefer posterior ptosis surgery because of its simplicity.  However it will not fix your elevator dehiscence.  It will not fix your upper eyelash ptosis or your eyelid crease issues.  

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