Approximately how much would the Clitoral Hood Reduction procedure cost?

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Clitoral Hood Reduction Cost

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This procedure is typically done in conjunction with others, but on its own we charge $1500, and then any anesthesia and operating room costs. It is best to get a consultation or two to ensure that is the only procedure you would need to achieve your goals.  Good luck!

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Regarding the cost of clitoral hood reduction

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Send me a photo and I'll send you a quote. Clitoral hood contouring can involve a little bit of work or extensive work. Without a photo it's not possible to give an accurate estimate. All of my labiaplasties are custom tailored to your anatomy and your goals.

Clitoral Hood reduction cost

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In all honesty, it is rare to only perform a clitoral hood reduction.  It is usually done in tandem with a labiaplasty minora.   However, our normal cost including anesthesia for a clitoral hood reduction only is 1500.00.  This however varies based on demographics.  I would make sure to find someone who does this frequently as this procedure can get a little complicated.

Cost of Clitoral Hood Rediction Surgery

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Clitoral hood reduction surgery is usually performed in tandem with reduction of the lining of tissue around that area (prepuce of the clitoral hood) and many times even the labia minora, their inferior extensions. Usually since they are done together since the tissues are contiguous with each other, it resembles the cost of a labia minora surgery which can vary from region to region but in Texas anywhere from about $3000-6000. If you wanted only an isolated clitoral hood reduction, I would advise going to a surgeon who performs many cosmetic surgical procedures in the female genital area. I would suspect just reducing size of clitoral hood would be less of an expense than what I described above, but it depends on surgeon and geographic location.  Thanks and good luck! 

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