Anchor lift plus implants has split at the bottom junction. Post op 4 weeks. Any suggestions? (photos)

Incision hole has split open in the last few days due to "spitting stitch, dead tissue, & overuse of right arm" Dr Has advised packing with gauze & pulling it out to clean away dead tissue twice day for 2 weeks. This seems rather invasive. I'm queesy over the fact that I have to pack my wound. Is this normal procedure? He wants it to "heal from the inside out" Is this practice common? No infection, I'm on antibiotics, green/yellow is dead tissue and black is "artificial scab" they applied?

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Wound at Tjunction

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Thank you for your picture.  This area is the most common area of breakdown after lifts or reductions.  We all have patients that sometimes have this issue.  It's important during this period to have a close follow up with your surgeon and to keep the area really clean and protected from the bra by placing a maxipad in between. Please follow your plastic surgeons recommendations closely.  This take weeks to heal so please be patient.  Best of luck. 

Healing after breast augmentation with lift

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Thanks for your inquiry and sorry for your struggles.  The most important thing to do is closely follow up with your doctor.  If you have a fever, increasing pain, etc call immediately.  If you use nicotine-please STOP.  Good Luck. 

Slow healing after breast lift and implants

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Thank you for your question and photos.  I am sorry to hear about your complications.  It is not uncommon to have some slow healing at the inverted "T" junction along the bottom due to tension and poor blood flow where the scars come together.  What your doctor has advised is very common when the wound is clean without infection.  The packing is important so that the wound does heal from the inside without closing up over a space and fill up with flood.  Try to be patient, your wound will eventually heal.  Best to check with your doctor if you have questions.  Good luck.  

Breast Lift/Augmentation Problem

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This is an unfortunate problem. Packing the wound with gauze twice per day is one way to treat this problem. However, depending on how much dead tissue there is and how deep it is, it may need to be cut out or debrided. The risk here is that the surrounding tissue gets infected and subsequently infects the implant. If that happens, you will likely need to remove the implant. I hope this helps, good luck!

Wound treatment

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Thanks for your question and photos. I am sorry this is happening to you. I do agree with your treatments that you describe. The tissue UNDER your breast is under the most tension after your surgery. It is not uncommon for there to be some wound healing issues there. Cleaning and packing your wound 2x/day will improve your healing tremendously. Stay in close contact with your surgeon so he or she and help you through this. All the best...

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