2 weeks post-op, am I progressing ok from my gynecomastia? Areola is still swollen, hard, and deformed on one side. (photos)

I am posting before and after pics of my gynecomastia procedure, please let me know if the progress is ok (it's about 2 weeks now). Also the area around areola is still swollen and feels hard, as well as the areola deformed on one side. Do you think it will be better in sometime ( how much time ?) and if I might need a revisit for the areola. Thanks for your time!

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Hello and thank you for your question. The hardest part of gynecomastia in patients who a lot of excess skin is getting the skin to retract and redrape nicely. It appears as though you have a depression underneath the nipple that is caused by the skin creasing once the gland has been removed. This may contract over the next few months but you may need a revision. 

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