Am I a suitable patient for fillers? What would be the approximate cost for this procedure? (photos)

I have a fairly big nose with a hump and droopy tip and depending on the angle you can notice it even more (photos). Also, I have a very small chin that doesn't match my big nose. I'm contemplating plastic surgery as an option for the near future (6-12 months) but first I would like to see fast results with non-surgical treatments.

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Not the best candidate for non surgical rhinoplasty

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You do not appear to be a good candidate for nonsurgical rhinoplasty because while it may help with the drooping tip, it will make your nose look larger. The suggestion would be to wait for the surgery to achieve the look that you desire.If you are going to consider fillers further, ensure that your surgeon is chosen and understands your desires prior to the filler so he or she has a baseline. 

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Depends on goals

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Thanks for the question and the photos. Anytime filler is used in the nose it is going to add volume and thus make everything taller, wider...etc. In order to improve your hanging tip, you would need a fair amount of filler in your nose. The other issue with putting filler in is that it will make it more difficult for the plastic surgeon to do the surgery once you're ready for that. In my opinion, I would not put any filler in and would just wait until you can have the rhinoplasty surgery to get the results you desire. I hope this helps!~Dr. Sieber

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Thank you for your photos and question.  To resolve the issue you are concerned with, you should be evaluated by a well-trained plastic surgeon in person.  Fillers will not do anything to correct what you have described in the shape of your nose and chin and you will spend money that you could have used for future surgery.  Good Luck!

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