Can I a Get a Brazilian Butt Lift if Have Very Little Body Fat? (photo)

I'm 21 years old i weight 109 lb and i would like to have curvier womanly shape. How does the Brazilian butt life procedure work if i have very little body fat . i have a very athletic built and i just want to know my options. Please and thank you!

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Brazilian Butt Lift with implants vs. fat grafting

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Brazilian buttock lift is the term that defines augmenting your buttocks either with fat graft injections or implants.  Ideally, I personally prefer a fat graft injection to enhance and augment your buttock rather than utilizing implants for the buttock.  However for some one who has no body fat and desires to have buttock augmentation, then implants would be an option.  You would have to discuss this with your plastic surgeon to determine what profile and size that would best fit for you, but you should be able to have buttock augmentations with implants should you desire to go that route.

Portland Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift is not an option for you if you don't have fat.

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Hi there-

Unfortunately you do not appear to be a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift.

In a Brazilian Butt Lift, fat is removed from areas where it is in excess and then grafted into the buttocks area to improve the shape, size, and proportion of all areas treated, giving a woman the more curvy and voluptuous appearance you describe.

Because the patient must have fat that is in excess, and because a relatively large amount of fat is necessary (only a percentage of what you have can be removed, and of that, only a percentage can be grafted, and only a percentage of that will survive), finding enough fat on your trim, athletic build would be very difficult. An in person examination would be necessary to know for sure, however.

If a BBL does turn out to not be an option for you, your best bet would be to consider buttock implants- which while not perfect either, would allow you to approximate the more curvy figure you desire.

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