26 year old androgenic alopecia/telogen effluvium and traction alopecia. Who can I find help me in Dallas, TX area?

I have been experiencing hair loss since I was 23. It started in a few small hidden areas from my extensions which I ended years ago but for in the past 3 years I was diagnosed androgenic alopecia/telogen effluvium. I have gone to multiple doctors from dermatologist who couldn't help, to gynos who suspected PCOS to general care who said my thyroid was Normal. I want to know if there is a cosmetic procedure that could be done or if I can find a doctor who will help me find answers in DFW area

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26 yo with hair loss in DFW area

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caibripra,I would recommend that you have a thorough evaluation with a hair loss specialist. I would recommend that you take what lab work you have had, to prevent duplication of test and to expedite your evaluation. Have you had a scalp biopsy? After the evaluation your hair loss specialist will delineate a short and long term treatment plan to best improve your hair restoration outcome.Sincerely,
Bernardino Arocha, MD

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