12 weeks post laser lipo to upper/lower abs and flanks but still very sore and uncomfortable. Is it normal? (Photo)

Hello. I had laser lipo to upper/lower abs and flanks on 4/20/16. Previously had full TT back in 2006. Most of the hardness is gone. My concern is that I am still tender and uncomfortably tight! If I go from sitting position to standing or lying down to standing, it takes my skin a few seconds to "stretch" out. I also still have a "burning " stinging sensation to the entire area treated, that comes and goes . I've done 2 rounds of lymph drainage massage. Please any info ...

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Yes some soreness and tightness after laser lipo is not unusual.  This is probably due to skin tightening and is a good thing.  Aggressive massage and exercise should help it resolve.

Laser liposuction recovery

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Thanks for your question, and I'm sorry to hear you are still feeling this way after 3 months. Most patients are feeling quite well by this point in their recovery, but sure, it could be that you still have several weeks to go yet. Your photos look great, and it looks like you've had a fantastic result! I would encourage focusing on stretching exercises and massage. Your body may just need more time. Check with your surgeon as well. Best wishes.

Post Liposuction Pain/ Swelling -- Seek an Expert -- Start Venus Legacy, Vanquish, Massage, Cellutone/Z Wave

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It takes weeks to see the results of liposuction and swelling can last for months. Massage, RF treatments, Venus Legacy and hyperbaric oxygen will drastically reduce swelling. Minimal pain is normal but pain and  burning out of the ordinary is not so you should speak to your physician. Best, Dr. Emer

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