1 week after fat transfer; night sweats & migraines?

I am having night sweats meanwhile I keep my house on 65-67 and I am using one blanket that I always use nothing too heavy.. Im waking up in sweats and my head is killing me. What could be the cause of this ? Main concern is the night sweats but if it means something with a headache then what is this? Also still can't walk very well, my butt is sore to the touch

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Post Fat Transfer -- New onset of night sweats/migraines

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I suggest following up with your physician for further evaluation. A new onset of night sweats and migraines is not common after fat transfer and should be reported to your physician to determine the cause. Best, Dr. Emer

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Dear Sarahsmith07

Thank you for your question!  I am sorry that you are having difficulty.  If the migraines are new - along with the night sweats- I would ask your surgeon for a review and referral to an internal medicine expert.

With Warm Regards

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