1 month post op. Left breast fuller(larger) than right? (Photos)

I have posted before for this same reason. I woke up in recovery and noticed my left breast larger and it hasn't changed since. The only thing that has changed is the right breast is getting smaller and dropping more.the doctor never mentioned my pre op breasts being different sizes. I purchased a few bras and the left fills up the cup and has some cleavage but the right doesn't. Every day I wake up and hope for a change. What do u think?

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1 month post op. Left breast fuller(larger) than right?

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Congratulations on your recent surgery. I understand that your left side appears larger, but it's difficult to answer the question without preoperative photographs. Most women have some asymmetry in size or shape of their breast. You may be noticing some of this asymmetry continuing, which is completely normal.Also, it's still quite early after your surgery. Breast implants settle over the course of 2-6 months you cannot judge your final result yet. Stay in close contact with your surgeon and express your concerns. They will be able to answer all of your questions.

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